My name is Sebastian Wiesner, from Munich. On the internets I typically go by the alias “lunaryorn”.

I’m a software developer with passion for free software and functional programming, and I try to learn and teach how to write good functional programs. I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and am currently working as a Scala developer, writing web applications with Scala/Play and ES6/React/Redux, with a great deal of Shapeless and Cats in the mix.

You can follow me and my work on Twitter and GitHub. I try to help other developers, and answer questions on StackOverflow. If you would like to hire me take a look at my Developer Story

…my posts

I write about various technical topics that interest me, but mostly about Emacs. My posts always reflect my own opinion and views and never that of my employer or any project I’m participating in.

…this site

The site is built for GitHub Pages, with standard Jekyll, the default Minima theme and a careful amount of custom styling, using the Vollkorn font for body text, and Source Code Pro for monospace text and code samples. These fonts as well as Jekyll and Minima are subject to their respective licenses; the content of this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The source code of the site is available on GitHub.