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All my posts about Scala and programming in Scala. I use Scala every day since about three years, and I plan to write a lot more about this language.

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  • Amazing SBT
    Published Nov 11, 2017.

    SBT—Scala’s almighty build tool—continues to amaze me, both, with the amount of WTFs delivered to me, and with the sheer power it puts in my hands. Sometimes I feel like I don’t understand what’s going on at all, and then I find myself writing SBT plugins to automate complex tasks across our build and test infrastructure in a breeze. I curse at SBT when I have to explain how SBT works to my peers, and I love SBT because more than other build tools I know it helps me automate all aspects of project life cycles, even non-trivial tasks in proprietary infrastructures.

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  • Maven Central Releases with SBT
    Published Jul 3, 2017. Last revised Jul 4, 2017

    Coming from Haskell and Python I found releasing a Scala library a cumbersome process. The standard Maven Central archive—JCenter claims to be a more popular alternative, but all big projects appear to prefer the former—lacks a convenient web interface like that of Python’s package index or Haskell’s Hackage, and comprehensive documentation about publishing. Getting an artifact to Maven Central for the first time involves a surprising number of manual steps and a rather elaborate SBT configuration.

    In this article I hope to connect all the loose ends and offer a comprehensive step-by-step guide from nothing to a Maven Central release. I will start with some prerequisites which lie outside the scope of this article, guide you through the necessary bureaucracy and cover the setup. At the end I’ll introduce sbt-release, a powerful plugin to automate the entire release.

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